Installing Service on Debian/Ubuntu (systemd)

(Requires Java JDK 11+)

There is an installation script located within the bundle for Debian/Ubuntu systems running systemd (Debian 8+). The script will install the binaries at /opt/bitbalancer, and create a user to run the service ("bitbalancer").

  1. Extract the binaries to /opt/bitbalancer:
    • Download the latest release from github or run:
    • curl -O -L $(curl -s | sed -n 's/[ ]\{6\}"browser_download_url": "\(.*.tar.gz\)"/\1/p')

    • Extract the files and move them to the installation directory:
    • tar xzf bitbalancer-*.tar.gz
      rm bitbalancer-*.tar.gz
      sudo mv bitbalancer-* /opt/bitbalancer

  2. Configure the service:
    cd /opt/bitbalancer
    vim conf/server.json

    Add endpoints to the nodes array.
    The available connector types are CORE, VERDE, and BCHD. All nodes currently use the CORE connection type except Bitcoin Verde and BCHD nodes.
    For more information on configuration, reference the readme.

  3. Install the daemon:
    cd /opt/bitbalancer/daemons/systemd
    sudo ./

  4. Start the service:
    sudo systemctl start bitbalancer