Minimize your risks, Maximize your resources.

mining hardware

Network Resiliency

Reduce the risk of performing work on incompatible blocks that will cause a network split.


Risk Reduction

Reduce the financial risks of mining with more than one software implementation.


Incompatibility Alerts

Receive alerts about would-be incompatible blocks and receive a validated template in its place.


Increased Confidence

Operate confidently knowing your risks of incompatibility or orphaned blocks are minimal.

Reduce your risks of multi-node mining to near-zero.

What is it

Improving the reliability of mining with multiple software implementations.

The BitBalancer is a drop-in facade designed to interface with multiple BCH nodes.

By proxing all inbound requests and ensuring all mining-related RPC calls are in consensus with connected nodes, the BitBalancer reduces the risk of wasting resources on incompatibile blocks.

When a lack of consensus between nodes is encountered, a template matching the most peers is served and work can continue uninterrupted. If a block is available exceeding the highest ChainWork, a node building upon that chain will always be used.

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How it works

System requirements:

  • Java 11+ JRE
  • 1 or more supported BCH mining nodes w/ JSON-RPC access

To start, the BitBalancer is configured to connect to multiple supported node implementations.

All JSON-RPC (+ZMQ) requests are proxied to the "best" node.

  • The "best" node is any node whose tip has the most ChainWork-- ties are decided by the order provided within the configuration.

Every cacheTemplateDuration seconds, the BitBalancer queries each node for a block template to ensure its current template is valid.

When a new block is announced, the BitBalancer immediately generates an empty template and notifies subscribers via ZMQ.

The BitBalancer then requests a new template from each node, once again ensuring the template is valid across all implementations.

Supported Nodes

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